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Welcome to Hillsborough Pride

Our Accomplishments:

Economic Development Commission
In 2009, urged by members of Hillsborough Pride, the Town of Hillsborough voted to create an Economic Development Commission to continue the efforts of Pride's Economic Development Committee. To date, the commission members have been appointed by the Selectmen, many of whom are former Pride members, and are actively working on Hillsborough's Economic Development for the future.

The Landry Garden
The Landry Garden and information kiosk was completed in 2009. Our intent is to work to bring pedestrians to this area and to increase the curb appeal of the properties to entice new businesses. This garden memorializes Bob Landry, resident and business owner, whose commitment to the betterment of the Town of Hillsborough and its residents epitomizes Hillsborough Pride.

The Community Events Guide
We created an annual Community Events Guide that lists Hillsborough's town-wide events as well as civic organization information. The purpose of this guide is to have a complete collaborative piece that lists all the fun events and things to do Hillsborough. Not only is this very informative for the local residents, but it is a great promotional tool to entice tourists to come to Hillsborough.

Downtown Banners
Every six months, Hillsborough Pride volunteers hang the seasonal banners downtown. Eleven of our local businesses participated in the project by sponsoring a banner, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Hillsborough Pride sponsoring the parking banners which serve as additional parking indicators in our downtown. The banners look friendly and welcoming. They are a nice addition to the downtown and we wish to thank each sponsor for their generosity and support of this Pride Project.

Hillsborough Pride sponsors and would like to continue the banner program. For information about how to sponsor a banner, contact the Pride office at 464-4467 or pridedirector464@gmail.com.

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